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The Living Tombstone - Five Nights at Freddy's Song
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Verse 1:

We’re waiting every night

to finally roam and invite

newcomers to play with us

for many years we’ve been all alone

We’re forced to be still and play

The same songs we’ve known since that day

An imposter took our life away

Now we’re stuck here to decay


Please let us get in!

don’t lock us away!

We’re not like what you’re thinking

We’re poor little souls

who have lost all control

and we’re forced here to take that role

We’ve been all alone

Stuck in our little zone

Since 1987

Join us, be our friend

or just be stuck and defend

after all you only got

Chorus: x2

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Is this where you want to be

I just don’t get it

Why do you want to stay

Verse 2:

We’re really quite surprised

We get to see you another night

You should have looked for another job

you should have said to this place good-bye

It’s like there’s so much more

Maybe you’ve been in this place before

We remember a face like yours

You seem acquainted with those doors



I enjoy how far Five Nights at Freddy’s fandom is going.

I’m so happy for the creator :) This has really spread far and wide.


Glad I wasn’t the only one who got super angry when they turned to look like stupid fucking shits again.

This was such a heartwarming scene and this movie is directed AMAZINGLY but goddamn it got kinda ruined after I realised What Could Have Been. Why can’t I have COOL dinosaurs or even cool-looking good guys for once?

Wow super sexy boyfriend you got there!

Wow super sexy boyfriend you got there!







We dare you to say we don’t live in a rape culture.

Amazingly, not The Onion:

“[W]e now have young men telling Bloomberg News that they basically view their female peers as rape bombs just waiting to explode and ruin their lives.”


*flips table*

I wish I could say I can’t believe men would say such dumb shit.

Literally, go fuck yourselves. Bye.

I can’t believe I actually thought this was the Onion. Like… down to the photo of these white guys with beers and bad haircuts and everything

Someone send this article to someone in charge of writing for The Onion and ask them to write this exact same article with a photo that is nearly the same as the above.


Yoshi porn


one time I rescued a butterfly that was trapped in a rest stop and when I opened my hands to let it go it stayed on me for about a minute drinking the moisture off my hands from me having just washed them and it was a magical moment in my life

eeee that is awesome and cute. ; v ;

Next time try sweating like crazy. Butterflies fucking love sweat. Most insects do in fact.

One time I let a hoverfly out and she wouldn’t leave because she was just licking my hands. It was less gross and much cuter and ticklish than it sounds like I swear!

Magical moment with a mosquito

I had a kettle on with a little bit of water in it. I poured out what I had left in my mug to brew myself some tea while flicking the stove on and I peer into the kettle.. there was this tiny little mosquito on the surface of the water.
I had seen it earlier on the glass screen of the stove, and told it “You better be a boy mosquito or I WILL squash you.” I remember him, and pick it up.
I look closely to his face, if he’s got a stinger. He trembles, breaks free of the remaining water and climbs up on all his six feet. I see a stinger on him, but it is all ruffly and weird - definately a male. But it doesn’t really matter since he’s so cute I would’ve let him go anyway.

His body is yellow-ish in colour and his backlegs have pretty stripes to them. I remember malaria mosquitoes have those too.. but they are bigger and they curl those pretty last pair of legs up while resting. I realise I don’t know his species. Weird little thing. I wish I had a macro lens and a proper camera.
I open up the door to my little overgrown yard and take a gander at the tiny little being sitting on my hand and he’s cleaning his pretty snout up. Despite countering a million mosquitos in my life I have never actually seen one as up close, never actually spent a mutually pleasant moment. In fact all of those previous mosquitos I have met died very soon after getting too close to me.

It kinda feels like a shame now. Weird.

I shoo him off my hand and he flies to freedom.

Mosquito huh.. well, good for you, you goddamn menace.



If you’re having a bad day here are a few baby animal pictures which surely should cheer you up!  :D

that is not a platypus that is a penguin chick

that is also not a baby falcon that is an adult pygmy falcon

but it is nice that there are entire species of falcon that resemble cutesy caricatures of falcons despite being adults

I’m also pretty sure that is not a beaver, but a cottontail rabbit in the picture since I went “huh, so a beaver baby looks *EXACTLY* like a bunny, then?” It kinda makes sense now..

Also, the hyena is a striped hyena. Kinda if you called a dog “canine” and left it at that.

I guess people who like cute things don’t like to actually know more about them lol

This band is the best thing ever, they’re uplifting, hilarious and their music videos are funny, fun and inventive. I can barely contain myself I’m so gay for this band yes homo, all the homo.

This started to immediately play in my head when I saw this pic :’D